Global Game Jam Stockholm is part of the worlds biggest game making event, the Global Game Jam. This year, the 2015 GGJSthlm jam site will be at Tekniska Museet, where jamming will continue uninterrupted throughout the weekend. GGJSthlm is organized on a voluntary basis.

This is the official signup for the event, where you get your ticket: GGJSthlm 2015 signup

Please also create a user on the Global Game Jam site, so that other jammers can find you: GGJ global site.

GGJSthlm 2015 will host around 50 jammers. We can squeeze in a few extra, but places are likely to run out before the event. To ensure your spot, sign up today!


GGJSthlm 2015 prices:

  • Regular jam ticket 100 SEK
  • Company ticket, individual 1000 SEK

The regular jam ticket covers snacks and breakfast for the duration of the jam.

If you work in the game industry, please consider the option of registering for a company ticket as a form of support. The company ticket lets you participate in the jam just like a regular jammer (single jammer, snacks and breakfast included). It is not mandatory, but it is a nice way for established game makers to help support a healthy and fun jam culture where more talent can be born and cultivated. The ticket cost is tax-deducible, so make sure to save the receipt for bookkeeping!

Of course, if your boss says no, you can still register using the regular ticket even if you work in a game company! Also, if you are several jammers from the same company, you can freely decide amongst yourselves that just a portion of you register on a company ticket – the lot of you will still jam together on the same terms.