During the jam themed Nördcafe on Wednesday 14/1, we will be running a 1-hour game jam.

WHERE: Tekniska museet, Museivägen 7. Free entry to the museum from 17:00 onwards.

WHEN: The Nördcafe event starts at 18:00. Jamming will begin right after the presentations finish – approximately 18:30 – and continue until exactly one hour has passed.

HOW: No preregistration is required, you sing up to the jam on site. We will prepare some material, but if you have preferred tools beyond paper and pen – bring them with you!

Participation is free and the jam welcomes advanced jammers and newbies alike. If you’ve never done a game jam before, that’s not a problem – we will help you find a way to contribute to the team.

We will not dictate which media you’ll work in – in fact, given the hour-long duration, we suggest that you use technology sparingly. As well as quick and simple digital games, you might want to consider tabletop or card games, text adventures, or even folk/playground games!

If you want to look into text adventure tools before you join, here’s some free ones you can use:
Twine: http://twinery.org (requires download)
Quest: http://textadventures.co.uk/quest
Inklewriter: http://www.inklestudios.com/inklewriter/
Give your brains a little shake and JAM!