Global Game Jam Stockholm is part of the worlds biggest game making event, the Global Game Jam. The 2015 GGJ takes place from Friday to Sunday on January 23-25th.

What is GGJ?

Global Game Jam is a globally coordinated game hackathon. The global event gathers over 20 000 game enthusiasts from countries all over the world. During this one weekend, game designers, professionals and amateurs alike come together to do what they all love best: make games. The aim is to complete new games from scratch in just 48 hours.

Last year alone, GGJ gathered 23 400+ participants from 70+ different countries. Together, they created over 4200 new games. Here’s an overview, with theme presentation.

Global Game Jam Stockholm 2015

This year, GGJStockholm prepares to host over 60 jammers. The 2015 GGJSthlm jam site will be at Tekniska Museet, where jamming will continue uninterrupted throughout the weekend. GGJSthlm is organized by Game Jam Stockholm. Jam-participation costs 100SEK. For that price, you get full access to the museum during Friday in preparation for the event, snacks and coffee during the whole weekend.

Behind the magic curtain!

The jam site will be open to the general public during museum opening hours, lending an insight into a process that is rarely seen. Visit the museum for a preview of the games as they are being made, test play demo versions and meet with the jammers!

Detailed schedule will be released soon!

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