This information is intended for registered jammers of the GGJSthlm event. It will be updated as new information arrives.


GGJSthlm 2015 registration via this site: GGJSthlm 2015 signup.

Please also create a user on the Global Game Jam site, so that other jammers can find you: GGJ global site.

GGJSthlm 2015 ticket options:

  • Regular jam ticket 100 SEK
  • Company ticket, individual 1000 SEK

A jam ticket covers entry to the site (whole weekend) plus snacks and breakfast for the duration of the jam.

About company tickets

If you work in the game industry, please consider the option of registering for a company ticket. Registering as a company participant is not mandatory, but it is a nice way for established game makers to help support a healthy and fun jam culture. The company ticket lets you participate in the jam just like a regular jammer (single jammer, snacks and breakfast included), while your company gets the benefit of helping the jam scene grow stronger so that more talent can be born and feed into the industry. The ticket cost is tax-deducible, so make sure to save the receipt for bookkeeping!

Of course, even if you work in the industry, you can still register using the regular ticket even if you work in a game company! Also, if you are several jammers from the same company, you can freely decide amongst yourselves that just a portion of you register on a company ticket – the lot of you will still jam together on the same terms.

Keeping in touch and up to date

Facebook Game Jam Stockholm: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ggjsthlm/

Facebook SWEDEN: https://www.facebook.com/groups/199816050157763/

Twitter: #ggjsthlm #ggj15 #ggjsweden

Jam Schedule

On site practicalities

Technical equipment on site

The jam site offers no hardware beyond infrastructure. You should bring your own computer or other technology you need during the jam.

The site has WiFi and LAN.

If you are concerned about what to do with precious gear while you sleep/go for lunch, there is a lockable room where you can store your tools.

Food on site

Coffee, tea, light snacks ans breakfast on Sat and Sun are included in the jam ticket. For heavier meals, plan to take care of your own food. There is a fridge and microwave oven on site.

The neighboring restaurant is open during museum opening hours (11-17), and they serve lunch between 12-16. The restaurant takes card payments.

If there is interest, we can order pizza to the site. We advice you to bring some cash, as the nearest cashpoint to the museum is quite a walk away (Radiohuset, Oxenstiernsgatan 20).

Absolutely NO ALCOHOL on site! This is a zero-tolerance rule.


You are free to spend the whole 48h at the jam site.

There are no separate sleeping quarters, but we will screen off a parts of the jam space to provide some privacy for those that are resting. If required, there will be separate areas for women and men.

Sleeping is on the floor, so please bring whatever comforts you feel you need (camping mattress, sleeping bag). If you are a light sleeper, bring ear plugs!

Entrance, fees and visitors

Registered jammers have free entry to the museum.

Unregistered friends and relatives will be provided the opportunity to visit the jam backstage during museum opening hours.

After the museum is closed, only registered participants are allowed.


If you want to come by car, there is a closed-off parking area next to the jam site where you can park without a fee.

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